Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

At Extra Deck, we pride ourselves in our fast and safe shipipng.. In most cases, if our item is in stock, we will ship your order out in less than 48 hours! 

Pre-Order Shipping

For items that are on pre-order, we will ship out at the earliest availability. For many of our pre-order items, we will give a rough estimate of when we expect the item to be in stock. This can usually be found in the listing's title or item description. For a schedule of our upcoming items, you can also see our pre-order calendar.

For orders containing both in stock and pre-order items, you will pay a one time shipping fee when you place your order. In most cases, we will ship the in stock items first and ship out the pre-ordered items as they become available. The only time this will not happen is if we expect the pre-order item to arrive within about 5 business days of order placement. 

Funko Pops

Extra Deck will always ship pops in crush proof box and try to ensure that Funko Pops will not be damaged during shipment. For pops with a listed value of $19.95 or more, we will automatically ship with a 0.45 mm pop protector for added protection. Pops priced lower than $19.95 will not ship with a pop protector by default. However, the buyer can always add a pop protector to cart ($1.00) when buying a Funko Pop and Extra Deck will ship the pop in the pop protector.

Trading Card Singles

For Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Singles, Extra Deck will always ship singles worth more than $1.00 with an individual sleeve and top-loader for added protection. In many cases, we will also top-load and sleeve cards worth less than this amount (just not individually).

Booster Packs

Booster Packs are always wrapped with kraft paper and shipped via bubble mailer for extra protection.