Structure Deck - Lair of Darkness


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The vicious visage of Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair holds no hint of compassion or mercy, not even for cards that have yet to be played–his special ability lets you tribute a dark monster to interfere with your opponent’s hand! Summoning Diabolos is no trouble either thanks to his powerful ability that will naturally trigger as you advance your game plan.

For the Duelist who prefers to sit back and watch their opponent’s strategy self-destruct, Lilith, Lady of Lament has prepared the brand-new Grinning Grave Virus. This virus requires the tribute of a dark monster to activate, then unleashes a deadly epidemic on your opponent’s hand and deck!

Structure Deck: Lair of Darkness is playable right out of the box, but many of its cards are right at home in decks built using monsters from the upcoming Dark Saviors special booster set as well!

Each deck contains:
36 Common cards
3 Super rare cards
2 Ultra rare cards
1 Token card
1 Beginner’s guide
1 Double-sided deluxe game mat/dueling guide